Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, as its very name signifies, is one of the innovative applications of the age that makes life easier in which services or products ...

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, as its very name signifies, is one of the innovative applications of the age that makes life easier in which services or products are promoted and sold in the digital environment. Digital marketing is the time that includes this method. Social media platforms and various popular applications on the Internet have the opportunity to promote their products or services with this digital marketing method. While online purchases are already popular in our country, it is known as online sales have almost doubled due to the pandemic. In the digital marketing method, the adaptation process works faster than the traditional marketing method. Not paying enough attention to digital marketing in today's competitive environment can cause companies to lag behind trends and even cause bankruptcy. Digital marketing functions are:

  • Conversion Optimization is an application that covers the transactions of users who visit the site, such as forms and purchases, which are among the important functions of digital marketing.
  • SEO, i.e. search engines called Search Engine Operator, involves searching for and briefly accessing a service or product with the help of correct (keyword) words. The purpose of SEO-compliant articles is to rise to the top in researches for the purpose of the enterprise.
  • Analysis and Reporting is the method by which managers conducting marketing process control and control of vital resources of the business such as sales, number of visitors, tax rate, profit, loss.

Place of use of Digital Marketing

  • On websites
  • On social media channels
  • In blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Online PR studies
  • Online brochures and catalogs
  • Brand values such as logo, font and color
  • In interactive tools

Google Ads for Digital Marketing

Google Ads for digital marketing constitutes an integrity in this context. Once you have set up your dream online digital marketing system, Google Ads help is applied to test the site's readiness. When providing products or services on your site digitally, the system that allows users who search over the internet to find you in line with their needs is simply called Google Ads. With this method, you can make a significant contribution to the awareness of your brand while attracting the attention of your potential customers. An algorithm that shows similar site ads when users search the search engine for similar words that they match with keywords with the help of ads.

Social Media and Advertising

There is an important reason why concepts related to social media management often appear. Today, the number of people without social media is almost nonexistent, so many people no longer even watch TELEVISION. This has pushed companies from the traditional advertising market to the promotion of products on social media platforms. Instagram and Instagram ads are a high-earning tool for companies today. Today, a company's investments in reaching the masses have been proven by its researches on social media rather than radio and TV. Ads on social media are an important method that provides high company-based feedback and engagement. Social media ads, which can be customized according to which segment of the ads, which age range they live in or their gender, provide a significant advantage with their targetedness. This is also possible with social media management.