Analysing and Reporting

Analysing and Reporting

In recent years, analysis and reporting for businesses have been very important.

Analysing and Reporting | ISDO Web & Yazılım

Analysis and Reporting

In recent years, analysis and reporting for businesses have been very important. We are analysing with our improved tools your brand's content marketing, social media, SEO and digital reputation management efforts.

  • We carefully review, evaluate and analyse the conversion level and traffic of your website, to the very best detail.
  • We are making all of the most important plans for your industry and brand.
  • We also report analysis of all of your competitors.
  • We determine your compliance with inbound marketing dynamics and aspects that need to be improved. We do all of this with improved performance and offer you a permanent service.
  • We are not only transforming statistics, we are also compiling our digital marketing recommendations so you can achieve your goal.
  • We provide you with all the recommendations, comments and information mentioned.

SEO Analysis and Reporting

We make your SEO analysis in the highest quality detail and carefully present it to your side. A company's SEO the more successfully the analysis is performed, the more visible it is to everyone in the digital environment. Increasing. Aware of this, we are moving quickly but cautiously.

  • We analyse your in-site SEO values and all your SEO reviews one by one.
  • We are reviewing and analyzing your ,n-site SEO steps and markup actions in detail.
  • We inform you of our recommendations and solutions in line with off-site and on-site SEO performance.
  • We report by measuring the SEO-based performance of all your competitors. So how do you move forward? you see that it's necessary.

Content Marketing Analysis and Reporting

Your content is always deeply detailed and then included in the assessment process. You will be notified if you have a critical situation after the content evaluation process. If there is no extreme situation, you will be informed of the process.

  • We evaluate your content based on user experience across all environments and ensure that it receives a report form attentively.
  • We check the quality of your images, brand details, text and video content on the site. Same we also evaluate your blog, all subpages and category structures.
  • We examine the quality of the external source-based content you want to publish outside the site in this way as well.
  • We report the movements of all the fluctuations mentioned and make comparisons.
  • We are also preparing a report on improvement recommendations.

Social Media Analysis and Reporting

Social media analysis on a company basis is a very important issue.

  • We are carefully involving the process of checking and evaluating the management-based strategies of all your social media accounts one by one.
  • We are taking a major review of the quality and status of your posts and all the content you create in social media media.
  • We carefully examine the values of your interaction levels and various types of calculations.
  • We look at competitor's social media account management in the finest detail, and we do not neglect to make comparisons.
  • We are conducting detailed reviews of social media contracts that are adapted to the industry.
  • We always provide optimisation services, so you can improve your accounts and make them even bigger.
  • We also offer a variety of services so that you can get the feedback you want about your social media accounts.

Digital PR Analyting and Reporting

Digital PR analysis is always the backbone of a company. Since we are aware of this situation, we also help in a good way.

  • We analyse and review your brand and your company's awareness of digital media in detail.
  • We analyze and review many of the content about you, compile brand perception and satisfaction in all kinds of topics, and present it to you.
  • As a result of digital PR analysis, you see how far your company has come in PR. After Accordingly, we can offer extra studies.