Distance Education Exam Module

Distance Education Exam Module

Distance Education Exam Module

With the distance education exam module, you can measure and evaluate the status of your students. One of most important processes of education is exams. The exam module, developed to understand whether students have learned their lessons or not, allows distance education systems to be more efficient.

Features of the Exam Module

With the distance education exam module, you can prepare questions, create exams, enter questions and make exams regulations. Students can also log in to the system only with their username and password easily access your exams via mobile phone, computer or tablet.


General features of the exam module can be sorted like that;

  • You can use the question bank while preparing the exams. If you want, you can write a question yourself and use it in your exam.
  • You can do the exams via PDF
  • You can do the exams using an optical reader
  • You can add suggestions, results or videos based on students' exam scores.
  • You can get the reported version of the exam results via excel.
  • You can share exam results with students via SMS or e-mail.
  • You can enable your students to see the answer sheets. In this way, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can take advantage of artificial intelligence while producing the exam achievement report
  • You can examine the answer sheet of the administrative officer, and see their weaknesses and strengths.

You can make an effective test and measurement evaluation using the features that provided by Isdo yazılım. Moreover, you can set the exam's start and end times through the system, and you can share with your students.

What is Question Bank?

When using a distance education exam module, you can also use the question bank. There are different types of questions in the question bank provided by ISDO Software. You can use these questions to prepare exams.


General features of the question bank;

  • Allows you to prepare exams by adding different difficulty levels
  • Label can be added
  • Solution videos can also be added to the question bank
  • It can be shown in which exams and how many times the problem occurs
  • A scoring system can be used in questions
  • Different types of questions can be gathered in one place

Within the scope of these features, students can reinforce and put into practice the courses they follow. Solving questions is very effective at succeeding. Students who discover different question techniques with a question bank are more high scores. Moreover, they can discover the videos that questions they cannot solve, and they can pass from all subjects.