Distance Education Homework Module

Distance Education Homework Module

Distance Education Homework Module

With the distance education assignment module, you can measure how well your students understand the lessons. Assignments are especially important for reinforcement of the problems.The number of assignments has also been significantly reduced since it has been switched to the distance education system. However, ISDO Software has managed to reinvigorate this system with its homework module.

What is an Assignment Module?

The distance education assignment module can be given to the student by teachers. These assignments are read, write, or ask questions solution, such as different categories. You can deliver your prepared assignments to your students and to solve them you can put it for a certain period of time. During this time, students have to upload their assignments to the system. Otherwise, assignments are not accepted and grading is entered as "0".

Another detail to know about the assignment module is scoring. Teachers can score students' homework or even write comments next to questions. These comments are important for students to understand their mistakes. It also allows them to detect weaknesses and strengths. After uploading the assignment to the system, you can see and analyze who is doing homework and who is uploading when.

Homework Module Usage for Instructors

The distance education assignment module is an important platform that instructors use when grading the students. Teachers can log in to the system with their usernames and passwords, and they can assign as many homeworks as they want at any time. They can also ensure that online exams are held as classics or tests. Extending date and time is also up to the teachers. They can personalize the assignment solution system using the system as they like.

Teachers can also share project studies and long-term research with their students with the homework module share. You can make announcements to students from the system, turn the assignment uploading system on or off, and can also determine the file of the assignment to be uploaded to the system. Then, after completing the evaluation, teacher can give grades to their student. If they want, they can refuse the assignment without grading it or editing it.

Homework Module Usage for Students

The distance education assignment module is also a great advantage for students. They can track the assignments that teachers gave easily, and they can upload to one place without missing the deadline. You can also use your notes on the same system and communicate with other users.