Distance Education Live Stream

Distance Education Live Stream

With the development of technology, everything can be done online.

Distance Education Live Stream | ISDO Web & Yazılım

Distance Education Live Stream

With the development of technology, everything can be done online. Especially with the increase in the time spent at home, every sector, including education, has been connected to the computer screen. If you want to continue the trainings online, you can use your corporate logo and benefit from the internal training academy, i.e. the distance education service. You can set up your own training with the platform provided by the ISDO Software.

What are Distance Education Systems?

Distance education systems include everything that may be needed online. ISDO Software has a web-based platform. Since it is user-friendly, even those who know the use of the internet as a basis, can easily benefit. The live streaming service within distance education systems is especially suitable to students. Students who take lessons from home are taught without looking for a school environment.

Through the platform offered by ISDO Software, you can get reports and analysis of trainings within the organization. You can also find out how much the instructor's live stream has been watched. Because every work in the system is log records. Within the scope of these features, you can start internal trainings by contacting the ISDO Software.

Live Streaming Services

Distance students can participate in their classes with live broadcasts. ISDO Software provides the addition of live broadcast services and training content. Instructors or staff who provide the training can participate in the system with video or audio. Plus, it can make its training more efficient by using whiteboards, presentations and screen shares with students easily.

The most important feature of the live streaming service is that broadcasts are recorded. That way, people who cannot participate in the live education in the following days. Plus, quality and efficiency on the live stream also apply to the recorded course. It is possible to participate in these trainings via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Advantages of The Live Streaming Service

If you want to provide distance education, you can take advantage of live streams. Because you can easily give internal education at any time and place. You can also use the advantages of the internet to create a more efficient environment.

Other advantages can be sorted like that

  • You can appeal to a wide audience
  • You can provide a student-centered education
  • You can benefit from e-learning systems at the most economical prices
  • You can take advantage of different communication technologies