Distance Education Meeting Module

Distance Education Meeting Module

Distance Education Meeting Module

ISDO Software can improve your internet school with distance education meeting module, and you can convert to a more comprehensive platform. Make your distance education more interactive with ISDO Software, which has a national and secure software.

What is a Meeting Module?

Through distance education meeting module, the teacher and the student can see each other. Also teacher writing board and screen sharing with its students easily. In this way, a more efficient operation environment is prepared. Plus, you can facilitate your trainings thanks to online meetings. You can organize any meeting in your organization in the module where multiple participants can be included.

Other features include;

  • You can keep a record of who participated in your meetings and all other reports
  • You can track decisions made and all other analyzes
  • Manage meeting decisions in one place
  • You can easily share whiteboards, slides and screens
  • You can have tens or even hundreds of people join the meeting at the same time
  • You can easily log in to the system and manage all meetings through a single account

You can browse the ISDO Software website to take advantage of all these features.

Instructor's Place in the Meeting Module

The remote training meeting module can schedule a meeting when you log in to the system as an instructor user, and you can be in constant contact with users. With the advanced features of the system, you can take full responsibility for the instructor role. You can schedule meetings at any time, you can do it at the venue. You can also log in via mobile phone, computer or tablet. You can send SMS or e-mail to include your students in the meeting. Questions from the platform has the appropriate infrastructure to answer.

Student's Place in Meeting Module

When the student logs in to the system as a remote education meeting module user, student can log in to the meeting via their mobile phone, tablet or computer. Since the broadcast will be recorded, if they miss it, they can watch the replay later. If they participated live, they can direct any questions they want to the trainers. They are also not only in contact with the instructor during the meeting, they can also contact other users. You can benefit from all these features, through ISDO Software. You can also contact the company for more detailed information.