Distance Education Reports

Distance Education Reports

With the remote training reporting system, you can monitor the students more closely.

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Distance Education Reports

With the remote training reporting system, you can monitor the students more closely. One of the important benefits of the face-to-face eduction is that the teacher-student relationship is closer. Teachers can keep a close eye on students more. However, with ISDO Software, it is also possible to do this remotely.

What Does Reporting Offer?

The distance education reports system is especially useful for teachers. Because it gives you the opportunity to follow your students even remotely. Classes in different places do not affect teacher-student relationships.


  • Can follow their students
  • Can track their student's progress
  • Can report their students

Moreover, they can do all this through a single system. All they have to do is log in with their username and password. Then the homework of the students, their activity in the question bank, introduction to the courses they can track their exits, exam results, questions they ask the teacher and keep their reports. Teachers can prepare a separate report for each student. This allows them to control their advancement one by one.

You can also store reports on the system. You can examine the progress of your students in more detail over time. Reports can be analysed and easily prepared with its user-friendly interface. Teachers from each branch can prepare reports for their students. If necessary, these reports can also be shared with parents. As part of the ISDO Software assurance, you can benefit from the reporting system for an efficient education life.

Numerical data is also included in the reporting. Daily, weekly, even monthly progress is more closely monitored this way. The system with the details is also prepared for the report card printout. Teachers can prepare the report cards that they will give to their students at the end of the year. In this way, more accurate data can be used. For more detailed information, you can contact ISDO Software.

Advantages of the Reporting

With distance education reports, teachers can monitor the advancement of their students. This system also indicates that every student is not same. Teachers who follow their weaknesses and strengths can write questions, quizzes or courses that will contribute to their advancement. This feature also allows you to take more care of each student. It is very useful for both students and teachers. Reporting can be done through the system, can also be shared between teachers if necessary. You can contact Isdo Software for more detailed information.