Distance Education Surveys

Distance Education Surveys

Distance Education Surveys

ISDO Software remote education surveys feature makes evaluating your students' exam results more convenient. With the software developed by the company, you can analyse the exams, and see the reports and find out what your students are doing.

Benefits of the Survey System

With the survey system provided by ISDO Software, you can offer a more efficient education life. The most important thing to test students' learning is the exams. They are being tested how well they understand the subjects with the exams. With the survey feature, you can make these tests more versatile.

Advantages of distance education surveys system;

  • You can examine students' exam results more easily
  • You can see what subjects they are missing according to the exam results
  • You can get your students to focus on missing topics

If you want yourself and your students to benefit from these advantages as instructors, you can contact ISDO Software.

Features of survey system

With the distance education surveys system, you can make your in organisation education platform better quality. You can also crown this quality with the achievements of your students.

General features of the survey system;

  • You can give feedback to your staff about your training
  • You can make an overview of your students
  • When making a general assessment, you can take advantage of the written answer, multiple-choice or multiple answer options.
  • After evaluating the results, you can share the report with other instructors and students

You can evaluate your students with the survey feature included in distance education systems. Also, you can also give opportunity to your students to evaluate themselves. You can pass the online training process in the most efficient way

With the survey management system, you can direct your students towards their interests. You can help them see the areas they are good at as part of the exam results, and extend your training within that scope. You can also see which student has weaknesses in which course and subject. These features are some of the most important features that ISDO Software offers. You can easily use the survey system via mobile phones, tablets or computers. You can review reports, send your students via SMS or e-mail to inform them. Besides, you can share the survey results with anyone you want. You can develop your internal education platform with ISDO software, which works to make distance education more efficient. Contact the company for more detailed information.