Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is one of the terms misunderstood and used in business life.

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Corporate identity is one of the terms misunderstood and used in business life. Most people only associate this term with logos, or they only refer to the law, assumes that it applies to firms in sectors such as banking or technology. In fact, corporate identity independently contributes to the success of all brands, regardless of how big it is or how small it is.

What is the Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity is the way to present your business itself to the outside world. Even though, inner culture and values are an inseparable part to shape company's identity, the corporate identity definition applies to a company's visual assets and brand design. Essentially any communication or information you see when you interact with a brand, is part of the brand's corporate identity. Logo design under corporate identity fonts, illustrations, colors, photos, and animations go far beyond this visual icon to cover the elements. From social media posts to banner ads, staff uniforms to stationery materials, product packaging to application profiles, you can see examples of corporate identity.

How To Create a Corporate Identity?

A corporate ID or company ID can only be created when your internal team is in line with your brand's location, mission, values, messages, and personality. Once the strong foundation has been created, you can work with your design team or a corporate identity design company to create a visual language that reflects your brand. Visual brand icons and indicators should be both creative and strategic. Rather than solid and constant your design elements, brand items should be agile as well, and should promote on the market and consumer environments.

What is the Difference Between Corporate Idenity and Brand Identity?

Although the two terms are quite similar, in fact your corporate identity without brand identity, there is a small difference between corporate identity and brand identity. Brand identity is how you want your customers to perceive you. This includes everything from your brand promise to your logo and the color palette you use in marketing. It is a strategy that you have created to position your brand in the target market. SEO technical things such as keyword research are included as well. Corporate identity, on the other hand, is about the activities in your organisation that shapes both the internal and external perception of your brand.

What are the Elements of Corporate Identity?

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about corporate identity is, that presenting a brand's itself to public visually. However, this is reflected through every kind of marketing material. These include ads, stationery materials, logo, social media presence and even public relations assets. However, you have start from inside of your organisation to move outwards to create a good corporate identity. The three main elements of corporate identity are:

  • Corporate communication: The value you offer to present to your customers. 
  • Corporate behavior: Actions that define the company's values ​​and strategy. 
  • Corporate design: Helping the company serve against value propositions design of products and services.

The Importance of Corporate Identity in Branding

Corporate identity is the most effective way to reflect the industry's strength and reliability to ensure that a company is in the business and to grow safely and effectively. The design content of the corporate identity is even more meaningful with the logo to be created for the company, content information to accurately identify the workplace, colors and fonts to express them well. The impressive visualization of corporate identity design provides the most effective messages about institution reliability and professionalism in the sector. Not only does it appeal to the eye, it also gives you the opportunity to address the customer's spirit. Your brand identity is one of the most important elements of corporate identity that separates you from other companies in the industry, and determines how you are easily perceived by your customers.