Internal Education Platforms

Internal Education Platforms

Internal Education Platform

The internal education platform is an aerodynamics that ISDO Software continually develops itself and is carried out by the principle of continuity on the digital platform where it prioritizes education. This structure, which has many features through a single system center, provides live broadcast services with easy control mechanism. In short, it makes a difference between online education systems that have become a part of life.

Internal Live Stream

You can carry out Internal Education live broadcast applications without any problems, which has become an important part of our age. The distance education system is an important system that companies and corporate firms frequently apply to, not only MEB. Today, many companies have started to issue certificates and documents to their employees under the name of distance education scope. ISDO Software serves you with its professional team in order not to fall behind in the personal education of the employees from the education life of the students.

Live Streaming Benefits

The advantages of live streaming come with advantages that include important issues such as health. Some of the conveniences that live streaming benefits bring for both staff and students are as follows;

  • Live broadcasts on digital platform are education-oriented
  • Remote live broadcasts ensure equality in education
  • Makes life easier for people who can't leave their home due to health problems
  • Allows more time to be spent on training
  • The control mechanism is easy
  • Destroys the time and place barrier
  • It allows access 7 days a week and at any time of the day,
  • Facilitates access to information
  • Eliminates student expenses and the problem of additional costs
  • Facilitates communication between student and educator
  • Provides constant control with the addition of live streams to the archive
  • It handles the monitoring of analysis with the technique of reporting live broadcasts.