Internal Education Archive Videos

Internal Education Archive Videos

With the internal education archive videos feature, you can access the classes you missed.

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Internal Education Archive Videos

With the internal education archive videos feature, you can access the classes you missed. Instructors can determine the hours of live broadcasts and how many minutes it takes. However, sometimes these hours may not fit all staff. If you miss the course or want to watch it again, you can use archive videos.

Features Of Archive Videos

With internal education archive videos, you will not be left behind in any education. If you miss someone who is connected, it is hard to understand others. That is why the archive videos platform has been developed. Any education content can be uploaded to the platform offered by ISDO Software. This will allow you to retake the lessons you missed.

The general features of archive videos are as follows;

  • Each training is in different categories according to its branch. In this way, you can reach it in a way that
  • Subjects and units of training are loaded following the curriculum
  • Archive videos include switching stops
  • Instructors can add questions to archive videos
  • Archived videos can be accessed via mobile phone, computer, or tablet

With the archive videos platform offered by ISDO Software, you can better prepare for your exams. You can watch live streams multiple times and consolidate them more with archive videos. You can also access videos you are also prepared for the exams by solving the questions added.

What are the Advantages of Archive Videos?

With internal education archive videos, both instructors and staff benefit from many advantages. One of the advantages is that videos can be viewed anywhere. After the instructors uploaded the videos to the system you can watch them as many times as you want in any time zone, anywhere. Moreover, the instructors as well as video. In this way, training is made more efficient.

Some situations that are not possible in face-to-face training are made possible thanks to isdo software archive videos support income. Moreover, instructors can monitor whether the staff has entered the training and make the necessary notifications. In short, they can easily plan their training, add it to the archive and create unlimited education. This allows them to have special education platforms. You can contact ISDO Software for more detailed information. You can turn your internal education platform into an advantage for you and your staff.