Internal Education Link Sharing

Internal Education Link Sharing

In organisation Education Link Sharing

in organisation education link sharing contributes to education in many ways. Instructors are involved in different subjects in training links. These links may be related to video or subject narration. Staff are not included in the training can be found via the link. In addition, the links added by the instructor are also Viewable. Contributes to the development of your staff thanks to this platform offered by İsdo Software you can be found. You can make your trainings more comprehensive through the links you share.

Features of Link Sharing

With in organisation training link sharing, you can ensure that your staff undergo more efficient training. Isdo The platform offered by the Software helps to make in organisation training more comprehensive. Link you can develop your own training platform. Moreover, he is aware of every development Can. You can also find out if your staff clicked on the link. Because in terms of platform reporting is also quite advanced.

You can log in to the web-based platform via mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can also access the links you want you can access it through the device. The system has a fairly simple interface. User-friendly link you can easily use the sharing system at any time. You can also share your posts with a large number of participants you can share it at the same time. This system will also save you time. Because there's only one system you can make hundreds of participants benefit from it.

The platform offered by İsdo yazılım is designed so that users can easily log in. Username and after logging in with the password, you can log in to the system and participate in live trainings or archive videos. Links can be added to live tutorials or documents. Each training content is located in its branch or unit Gets. Categorized content also avoids topic confusion. Likewise, link sharing is not a content download in order of system.

Thanks to Isdo Software, which includes link sharing and many other systems, you can enjoy your in-house training more. you can make it efficient and quality. You can plan your trainings as you wish, all activities from a single branch. you can execute. It also provides functions such as training definition, assignment, viewing training results, training archiving. you can do. For more detailed information, you can contact İsdo Yazılım.