Internal Education Live Stream

Internal Education Live Stream

Internal Education Live Stream

You can make distance education more efficient with the internal education live broadcast feature. Online classes are the most important activities these days when education continues from home. Being included in ISDO Software Security will make the results more successful so that students do not fail their courses.

Features of Live Streams

Internal Education is featured in live broadcast features. Anyone who is trained can benefit from these broadcasts. Instructors can train internally within the scope of the ISDO Software. This ensures an efficient learning environment, even remotely.

General features of live broadcasts can be sorted like that;

  • Includes the ability to add live streams to educational content
  • Instructors can participate in live broadcasts by voice, video, or both
  • An instructor can adjust image and audio control as desired
  • Instructors can make their presentations on the whiteboard as they wish
  • Instructors can easily share their screens
  • Videos are archived for those who miss live streams
  • Surveys can be arranged for students during live training
  • It is possible to connect to live broadcasts via computer, tablet, or mobile phone
  • You can find out how much your live streams are being watched in a report

These features ensure that there is a training that will not be looking for face-to-face training. You can create your internal education academy by taking advantage of the benefits of the ISDO Software. You can also use your corporate logo. To start an efficient training, contact the ISDO Software now and meet the user-friendly interface.

What Happens If a Live Stream Is Missed?

Internal training live broadcast time can be determined by the instructor. However, if the student misses the time, they can still watch. Because each broadcast is recorded to be uploaded to archive videos. From the Archive Videos section, you can watch the training that you missed or want to watch again. Moreover, each course branch is a separate category. But unlike live broadcast, you can not participate in surveys, you cannot ask the instructor questions, and you cannot be in touch with other users. During the live broadcast, instructors can organize multiple-choice or written surveys. These surveys allow them to receive feedback on their live streams.