Internal Education Survey

Internal Education Survey

Internal Education Survey

Surveys are important tools that are always used in the evaluation phase. In institutions, the staff is used to learn their opinions. Thanks to the in organisation training survey offered by ISDO Software, you can create a business environment. You can improve the training you offer by receiving feedback from your employees.

Features and Benefits of the Survey System

Internal education survey feature is an important evaluation system preferred by many companies. To your staff you can evaluate your trainings through surveys, get feedback and have an idea of their thoughts.

General features of survey system:

  • General features of the survey system;
  • You can do the survey at any time
  • You can prepare a survey by selecting one of the written, multiple choice or multiple answer options
  • You can evaluate the survey results and report them
  • You can share the report with anyone you want

Thanks to the survey system offered by ISDO Software, how much your staff can you can learn that they have gained, you can detect their strengths and weaknesses.Contain. Therefore, you will have no difficulty logging in, preparing and sharing the survey.

Thanks to the in organisation training platform offered by İsdo Software, you can use your special education platform as you wish. you can improve it. The system allows you to access many things from a single center. Live stream via platform you can open, upload videos to the archive, share links or documents. In short, continue remotely you can make your business life the most efficient.

You can provide effective trainings on the platform that you can use in all institutions. You can also you can also take into account the results of the survey. In line with the results, you can offer additional trainings to your staff. Isdo Software provides systems and platforms that will enable your company to grow faster you can have it. For more detailed information on the subject, please contact us about surveys and all other systems You can ask what's on your mind. Then you can meet the web-based platform that offers advanced technological solutions and you can prepare a survey for your employees.