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Other Services

Recently preferred 4K Drone Filming helps to produce results with the desired efficiency with the experienced staff and expert perspective...

Other Services4K Drone Footage

Recently preferred 4K Drone Filming helps to produce results with the desired efficiency with the experienced staff and expert perspective of the professional team. The institutionalization or creative shooting of brands, as well as drone shooting, is a personal purpose; It is a possible and high quality process to shoot even in places such as real estate companies, film productions or even country weddings for investment purposes. A professional 4K Drone Shooting can be preferred by businesses or personally and you can make a significant difference in this context.

Areas where 4K Drone Shooting Can Be Done

  • Business buildings or facilities
  • Sports clubs and fields
  • Special moments such as wedding, engagement, marriage proposal and birthday
  • Exhibitions, openings
  • Hotels and resorts
  • National park, themed parks and adrenaline parks

IdeaSoft E-commerce Package

It is an application where online stores selling digitally can make their transactions much easier with ideasoft e-commerce package. Ideasoft, which is the information and application area that may be needed when e-commerce, is a feature that allows businesses to communicate directly with customers through digital media. The e-commerce package, which enables many elements such as WhatsApp order line, live support and social media marketing on the sites, is easy to understand and paves the way for executing transactions with a single control mechanism.

Mask Box Printing

There are main reasons why mask box printing has become a factor that attracts the attention of companies selling masks. Masks, one of the symbols of hygiene and cleanliness, have become a tool that we all do not take off because of the pandemic.. However, it is important to remember that people with some health problems will continue to wear masks before and after the pandemic. Masks have become a symbol of sterile environment, regardless of the cause or wearer. However, the importance of the sales packaging of the mask, i.e. the box, increases. Since masks sold in nylon packages do not look good enough for users, it is usual to sell boxed masks with information such as company name, quantity, ministry approval. Don't waste any more time exploring the many applications required for your business, such as mask box printing brand logo, promotion, shooting, web-based formation, with isdo Software difference. We wish you a healthy day.